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No Spill Silicone Bottle Topper Spout - 3 Pack Bundle (Red, Blue, Green) - BPA Free - 7mm Slit

No Spill Silicone Bottle Topper Spout - 3 Pack Bundle (Red, Blue, Green) - BPA Free - 7mm Slit

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KiddiKap is the nation's most popular spill-proof kids' drinking cap Your kids will want to drink more water The Kiddikaps kids water bottle attachment is a great way for parents to make sure their child always has access to their favorite beverage. This attaches securely to most standard size water bottles. Great for Travel It has never been easier to share your water bottles with your children while in the car, on airplanes or any other way you may travel. With the lid that is attached to the KiddiKap it wont spill even if dropped or squeezed.
  • SPILL PROOF: Transform any standard water bottle into a spill proof sippy cups for toddlers. This set comes with three 100% leak proof kaps that only let liquids out when its being sucked on. Never let travel spills happen again!
  • MADE FOR EVERYONE: 100% BPA free and Safe for everyone. From babies and toddlers to adults! Helps teach babies how to suck from water bottles and help transition into bigger cups! Durable enough for bites that can also be used as a relaxing teething toy.
  • FITS ALMOST ALL BOTTLES: Kiddikaps are able to fit any standard size (28mm) water bottles , soda bottles and even some beer bottles which makes them instantly spill proof. You can use these with reusable straws by sliding one into the top of the spout. Dentist Recommended.
  • PORTABLE AND DURABLE: lightweight and compact lets them fit in any diaper bag or even your pocket. Don't stress about lugging around a big sippy cup when you can attach this to a standard water bottle. Built to last through all your travel and adventures
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Simply push the cap into the bottle and until its a tight fit and open the top of the cap. Simply hand wash with warm water or place on the top rack of the dishwasher for an easy clean. Easy baby water bottle. Simply pinch the spout to get started with Kiddikap
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