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  • kyanite
  • lapis lazuli
  • 14K gold vermeil
  • 32.5"-34.5" adjustable

This design takes its name from the ancient Greek word kyan, meaning dark blue. Long and sparkly, Kyanos features two of my favorite blue gemstones: kyanite and lapis lazuli. The unexpected combination of stones subtly complements each other, and the brushed gold vermeil accents add elegance and flair.

My mom wears my jewelry all the time, and I love how Kyanos highlights her blue eyes. I recently gave her my Snowflake earrings and she matched them with the Kyanos necklace­­–a combo I never considered and now love together!

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About the brand

Informed by her travels around the world, Saskia’s pieces – from necklaces to earrings to bracelets – reflect a desire to connect the world through beauty. In her original designs, made with hand-selected materials from around the world, Saskia shares the stories of the places she has visited and makes connections that bring the world a little bit closer together. Every bead tells a story.